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Thinking things throughTo be honest, I’ve felt iffy after the 1st leg. I say iffy because I can’t think of the best word for it… so iffy.

I feel like I haven’t done the most that I could for Galera and its woes. A write-up or two about the issues can reach people, yes. But I now know about the uninstalled artificial reefs. I know the shallow apprehensions behind it. So my questions:

1. Do petition sites, such as change.org, work?
2. How possible is it to organize divers to install the reefs?
3. How do you not rub a politico the wrong way?

I feel the need to do more. Puerto Galera’s one of the first places I got to know and love outside NCR.


Malapascua Island, Cebu
Malapascua, before Haiyan/Yolanda

One of the first things that I did once I got back was organize Leg 2. I will be going to Malapascua and I thought it was important to have a setup in place before the actual trip.

It’s not going to be like my first Malapascua trip, which I did 3 birthdays ago. I just booked a flight and went. No reservations, no nothing. I was also alone and didn’t know anyone.

This time around, I am coming back a few months after Malapascua was flattened by Yolanda/ Haiyan. I have friends I want to check up on, the women who worked at the resort I stayed in and took care of me. I also want to see about the island’s recovery and if the thresher shark conservation work continues despite all of this.

It feels like I made new friends just putting this together. I have old friends who helped fund the trip — to my boy-friends, thank you! And, through the wonders of the internet, I’ve been in touch with new ones who’ve done a lot to get things organized. Yes, there is a lot of kindness on the road. I am grateful 🙂

I’m on the road next week. And while I know that it ain’t over between Galera and I, I am looking forward to it.



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