Pitak Project: Quest For Water

I’m taking a break from scheduled programming to help promote the Pitak Project’s Quest for Water fundraising drive.

System of Rice Intensification
photo by The Pitak Project

I’ve talked about the Pitak Project in the past — how its founders are making their dreams come true while inspiring and positively impacting the lives of people in their community and others like myself. You can read more about it here: http://traveldiveconnect.com/the-pitak-project-dreams-under-your-feet/

They are now trying to raise funds to build a solar-powered deep well pump. This will address their persistent water problems while enabling them to become self-reliant when it comes to their water supply.

You can read about the campaign and make contributions here: http://www.wethetrees.com/campaigns/our-quest-for-water

There’s something missing, I think. The campaign details fail to mention how the Pitak Project is not just a self-contained perma-culture farming and natural building project in La Union. They’ve gone outside of their farm to help others implement sustainable farming practices and natural building. They are teaching interested farmers within their community. They have given lectures and demos in other provinces.

Helping the Pitak Project with something as basic as water will take a load off. It gives them more freedom to reach out and help others.



Post Author: Roda Novenario