Personal Blog: Stop/Start

IMG_0557It took a while to get the last post out. It’s shorter than usual but that’s got my blood and sweat in it. I take writing personally. It’s the one thing of me that I want intact and uncompromised.

Not saying I’m some godsend here… but I do try my best to come out with something “above readable.” (Yes, I can be snooty that way, sorry 🙂 ) Anyone can claim to write these days. Me, post-college with an Economics degree from the best university in the country, I simmered in low pay just so I can work as a writer. I can’t think of downgrading now. (Sorry, again, feelingera ang peg!)

I’ve actually been discouraged lately. A friend called all this — this thematic (naks!) body of work that I am finally working on — as irrelevant. And I  understand where he’s coming from. I am aware that I am not making news here. I’m just… well, writing. It’s one of the harshest things I’ve been told. I still can’t shake it off.

That. The rain. And here I am.

There are plans, old and new. I am still in touch with my friend from Lubang Island. That’s first in line. Then, I want to check out the Cebu Mariculture Demonstration Center in Medellin. They found me here. Sidetrip: Aloguinsan, Cebu.

The good thing about this stop/start is that I’ve got funds to get all this done without worrying as much.



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