Personal Blog: Coming Clean

PersonalI am second guessing myself as I write this… because it is personal, and has nothing to do with conservation and travel. But it has something to do with this project, this blog and the campaign.

I think I received my first vitriol for putting this together, in spite of how young and unknown it is outside my circle. It came from someone I had spent a few years with, in what I saw as friendship building. Ah but hey… not my first time to  make a mistake in that department. I just wasn’t prepared for the level of harshness.

So, let me come clean here:

1. Yes, this is a personal campaign for responsible travel and marine conservation. I really believe that there are things to be said about these issues, from a writer/ diver/ traveler’s point of view. I love being in the outdoors and diving, and I will see changes. I will take note of it, and I will want to say something about it. If my “gift” can be of service to one thing, let it be this.

2. Am I an expert? Nope, never claimed I was. That’s why I’ll be cooperating with local NGOs. That’s why I have unli DSL… so I can research 😉

3. Do I intend to enjoy myself doing this? Absolutely. But mind you, it will be work; albeit, work that I enjoy. It will be an investment in time and money. Writers of the world, unite, and tell the world that it ain’t easy to put ink on paper — and make sense!

4. Do I want to monetize it? Sure, if that’s possible. Who doesn’t want to earn a living doing what they love? (As soon as I get the time, I will be setting up ad blocks — non-intrusive, promise — here and there.)

5. Will I be selling out? Of course not! Matagal na sana akong mayaman kung ganun!

Ah well. This is the blog’s 4th day in public. I am marking this day. Now, back to your regular programming.



Post Author: Roda Novenario