Ground Up

No water posts yet… working on it 🙂 1st leg will likely be on the road by late-March. Right now, I’m thinking of Cebu: a visit to Malapascua, one of the severely hit areas by Yolanda, where we’ll glimpse the progress of their recovery and probably a Thresher Shark or two; and Moalboal, where we’ll see Pescador and some freediving action (my friend Carlo, not me — I plan to suck on air as I film him). *fingers crossed

After the premature lashing over a project that has yet to hit the road last week, I also got words of encouragement. Thank you.

I love that I somehow have this support group for even my wildest ideas. And it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, although I got that from my dive instructor/ friend Wilson who helped me make headway with this project over rum cokes. It could just be sparing time to look through my proposal and edit my stuff. (Ma’am Gym-Mom, thank you.) Or it could be silent leaps made by Carlo, who made inspiring shifts in his life last year.

IMG_0309Also worth mentioning are the women of the Pitak Project. Now, they are strong powerful women — idol! Made their dream a reality, and continue to devote time, money and manpower to making their permaculture farm and natural home building work. They’ve also influenced their community positively.

I visited their farm in La Union twice last year, both within a quarter. The progress is fast; and the harvest is yummy. (That was my first taste of fresh from harvest organic vegetables.) I helped put up 95% of a mud wall. I put my Body Attack to use and transported rocks up and down the slope, non-stop hehe.

Anyway… just feeling gratefulness this morning. Here’s to a good productive week!



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