Getting There: After the Anilao Prep

Getting ThereI never really considered the physical aspect of this project, even in its original 2-month straight travel format. At close to the big 4-0, I still take those things for granted. When you spend as much time at the gym as I do — even if I don’t look it — you won’t think about the physical.

It took the Anilao prep to change my mind. That day trip was an eye-opener on how it’s going to be each month.

I had been working my paying work longer than usual. I actually doubled my earnings in the past two weeks, which I’m really happy about. It allowed the Anilao prep trip, which costed Php 3k. It will fund the Verde Island trip next week — thanks to a huge discount offered today by Action Divers in Sabang, Puerto Galera.

But add the longer hours to the 4 hours I committed to TDC, my sleeping is now off. My eating and workouts too, and that usually leads to me feeling blah.

I only had 4 hours of sleep before the prep trip, a day that had 4 dives on schedule, the deepest at 110 feet (I’m pasaway and went to 125 feet to take a picture — sorry PADI — kids, wag tularan 🙂 )

Long and short of it, it left me exhausted. As in, EXHAUSTED.

I had a headache too after the 3rd dive. The water was uncharacteristically cool for late March, which we attributed to climate change. I tense up when it’s cold and that gives me a headache if I do it for a long period.

Great Barracuda, mouth agape as he eyed Cristine, our advanced diver candidate
Great Barracuda, mouth agape as he eyed Cristine, our advanced diver candidate

It was a good day to dive though. We encountered a Great Barracuda on the hunt. He eyed our advanced diver candidate, who had bright orange fins on. Visibility was good for the most part — well, except for that barracuda shot. I had time to linger underwater to take photos, as Cristine and Wilson did the navigation skills test. Food at the resort was yummy. The sun was out but did not burn. We got home fine and I slept like a baby that night.

But, there’s a longer road ahead of me and it starts next week: Verde Island Passage via Sabang, Puerto Galera. I’ll get there… I’ll get there. Fixing my schedule for it. Monitoring my diet, and cutting myself off alcohol for a bit. Wish me luck!





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