Follow Me: Learn How to Dive

Unfortunately, scuba diving is not cheap. First, you need to invest in getting your license, or licenses if you want to level up as Advanced, Rescue or professional (career) divers. Then, you need to invest in — at least — basic gears, like your mask, snorkel and fins. This can set you back by Php 25,000.

Me, I was lucky when I took my certifications. Friends of my friends were instructors so I only needed to pay for books, gears and dive resort fees.

So, want to dive? 1st bit of advice is to keep your ears and eyes open for more affordable opportunities. I got mine through my mountaineering friends.

Of course, always make sure your leads are legit. There are risks associated with diving and it’s best to train with professionals.

wilson-diveI would recommend Wilson Uy, my PADI instructor for my rescue certification. He’s one of Manila’s best and one of the more affordable ones too. Click on the image for details about his service and how to get in touch.

Another option is to learn how to freedive. Freediving is different from scuba diving such that, here, you do not use any breathing equipment. You go deep with just one breath. This isn’t much about exploring the ocean — it’s more about exploring your mental and physical strengths.

For this one, I would recommend my friend, Filipino male freediving record holder and AIDA-certified freediving instructor, Carlo Navarro. You can reach him at carmelofranconavarro(at)

Here’s a sample of what they do:

And, hindi po ito paid advertising 🙂 I trust these men with my life. They are the best at what they do. If my blog or Facebook page got you interested in diving, I would feel kampante should you choose to train with them. I know you’re in expert and safe hands 🙂



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