Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro

Apo Reef: Awaking Occidental Mindoro’s Marine Gem

Apo (pronounced with a long ‘a’ and a long ‘o’) is a word of respect. It is bequeathed only onto the best in historical Philippines, and even today within communities that retain some of its local traditions. It is an ancient word; as old as mountains and as sacred as oceans. Apo Reef is the […]

The Journey to Apo Reef: Tale of the Traveling Schlummi

This trip went so far from the plan. It’s not just about staying in Occidental Mindoro longer and postponing the Coron leg as consequence. It’s also about a solo trip that wasn’t. As soon as I stepped into Michael’s 4-wheel drive early Friday morning, it became a social adventure. For the first time in a […]

Beneath Your Beautiful: Diving Into Bicol’s Marine Ills

It is easy to fall in love with the region of Bicol. Blessed with picturesque islands, the bluest waters, and fiery volcanoes that attract more than repel, you get smitten. Its sordid past does not seep into the haze of perfect beaches, great food, warm and friendly people, and the juvenile mantas you just saw […]

La Union Permaculture Farm

Pitak Project: Quest For Water

I’m taking a break from scheduled programming to help promote the Pitak Project’s Quest for Water fundraising drive. I’ve talked about the Pitak Project in the past — how its founders are making their dreams come true while inspiring and positively impacting the lives of people in their community and others like myself. You can read more […]