yapaktravelHello, everyone!

I’m Roda Novenario, a writer and a PADI-certified rescue diver.

I will be embarking on a journey around the Philippines to visit marine hotspots and top tourist destinations.

I want to show you how truly beautiful and rich our country is. But I also want to show you how climate change is affecting our paradise.

I believe that, as we go full-on with tourism campaigns, we should also be conscious about how our presence affects environments and local culture. The little changes that we do to lessen our impact can go a long way. It can help preserve/ conserve, and sustain what we love about these travel destinations.

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I will show you the vast breathtaking underwater world, the amazing people I meet along the way, and the local culture that I experience. I will write about my observations and my conversations with local NGOs that have taken on the challenging task of protecting these places.

My ultimate aim is to encourage people to take steps in minimizing the impact of their travels and daily lives on the environment.

This online campaign for responsible travel and marine conservation is my way of giving back and making my travels matter.

Let me share with you the inspiration for this journey. In the documentary 180 South, American conservationist Kris Tompkins said: “I think first and foremost, people only protect the things they love. And you can’t love something unless you inherently identify with it.”

If my words and images can stir up love for our country and the natural beauty that we’re blessed with, then I am happy. If I can move people into making changes in how they travel and consume, then I am grateful.

About Me:  The Basics
PADI Rescue Diver
Freelance Writer/ Editor
Headed Yapak Travel, which was once a small print magazine — This was my first attempt at campaigning for responsible travel.
First fell in love with the country as a mountaineer more than a decade ago.

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