Leg 1: Puerto Galera, A Personal Account

As in any journey, there are bumps on the road that can shake things up and knock you off your seat. Mine happened early on, with plans that went awry because of bad weather. I went to Sabang, Puerto Galera as scheduled on a maybe. Weather/Whether Huw, one of Action Diver‘s Dive Instructors, was to […]

Wait and See/Sea

You can say that nothing is going right for TDC’s first leg. I come into Sabang when weather’s pretty bad. The water is restless. Cloudy skies. No one goes beyond the house reef to dive. I have sashimi as my late lunch and it is old fish. I feel scared for my tummy. My contact […]

Getting There: After the Anilao Prep

I never really considered the physical aspect of this project, even in its original 2-month straight travel format. At close to the big 4-0, I still take those things for granted. When you spend as much time at the gym as I do — even if I don’t look it — you won’t think about […]

Anilao Batangas: The Verde Island Prep

Anilao is home for many Manila-based divers. It’s what we miss when we’ve been away from the sea too long. It’s where we go when we want a dose of compressed air and salt water. I’m heading there tomorrow for a day of diving. Wilson, my dive instructor/ friend, is teaching an advanced diver how […]

To The Young Traveler

To the young traveler. Oi! Kamusta? I have friends — mostly on Facebook — who are about your age. They like posting pictures of weekend trips to mountains (usually) and beaches (sometimes.). I get it. I was once like that. I was once brimming with curiosity and excitement about seeing what’s out there. What’s this […]